Forget Stag Do’s… Plan a Bro-dal shower

Jul 31, 2015

When it comes to Weddings, most of the attention tends to fall on the Bride – which for most men is fine by them. But recently stag do’s have been evolving, women seem to drag out the celebration process as long as possible: the engagement party, The bridal shower, the pre-hen do spa weekend, the hen do, the post-hen do spa weekend… But now us men are finally being celebrated… With the rise of Bro-dal Parties.

Yep… A little less raucous than a stag do, the bro-dal shower is a more sophisticated event in which you can invite your boss, father in law and any other males who’s idea of a good time isn’t watching Smithy chugging a pint at the local. Here’s one of our faves that we found floating around the internet. An awesome Batman themed bro-dal shower.


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So there you have it. Would you plan a Bro-dal Shower?